Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Prelim Task - Our sweded film

I've chosen to swede Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with;
  • Beth Cooper
  • Emmie Bryett
  • Jamie Baldock
  • Joel Colborne
  • Melissa Hodgson
I chose this film to swede because it has the best potential for being funny.
We will film the best parts of the entire film instead of just the opening.
This film also uses a lot of special effects, therfore recreating them with only the props we can get our hands on will produce comical material.

In order to swede this film we will need tho following items for costume;
  • Dumbledore's beard and hair
  • Capes
  • Wizard hats
  • Hagrids wig
For props;
  • Wands
  • Harry Potter glasses
  • A baby
  • A trolley
  • Feathers
  • Brooms
  • Mrs Norris the cat
We will film mostly in school.
For the Quiddich match we might need a field or use one of the tennis courts in school.
Some of the scenes will need to be filmed at night.

Summary of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone:
A young boy named Harry Potter discovers that he is a wizard. He is introduced to the wizarding world and is then sent of to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. He befriends a young ginger boy, Ron Weasley and an intellegant young muggle born girl, Hermione Granger.

Whilst at Hogwarts Harry learns how to play Quiddich, cast spells and make potions. The three of them discover a three headed dog which is guarding something in the school, they then set about trying to discover what is going on with the help of the grounds keeper, Hagrid. They suspect that Professor Snape is behind it but Harry discovers it was infact Professor Quirell, and has his first encounter with his nemesis Voldemort.

  • Main character, Harry Potter - Joel Colbourne
  • Harry's friend, Ron Weasley - Me (Emma Graveling)
  • Harry's friend, Hermione Granger - Beth Cooper
  • Grounds keeper, Hagrid - Rob Cranley
  • Harry's cousin, Dudley - Emmie Bryett & Edwin Heavisides
  • Hogwarts Headmaster, Dumbledore - Beth Cooper
  • Professor McGonagall - Me
  • Professor Flitwick - Melissa Hodgson
  • Professor Snape - Jamie Baldock
  • Professor Quirell - Beth Cooper
  • Ron's Mum, Mrs Weasley - Emmie Bryett
  • Ron's Sister, Ginny Weasley - Melissa Hodgson
  • Mr Filch - Edwin Heavisides
  • Hogwarts student, Seamus Finnigan - Jamie Baldock
  • Hogwarts student, Neville Longbottom - Jamie Baldock

The prelim task section can be found within the harry potter swede at 6.52 minutes to 7.09 minutes. It includes examples of match on action, shot/reverse shot and 180 degree rule.
The prelim task requires good use of continuity editing, which makes the film flow and the shots appear coherent. We will need to practise this so that when it comes to making our film openings we are able make good use of continuity editing as we recieve more marks for a range of shot types which will need to be coherent.
Match on action is a type of eliptical editing, which shows an action happening and the subsequent action following it, for example; somebody throwing an object, and the following shot would be another person catchin the object. Our example shows Joel [Harry Potter] placing his hand on a door handle, and the subsequent action in the following shot is him coming through the door, the eliptical editing cuts out the scene in which he actually opens and walks through it.
Shot/reverse shot is when two different camera are filming two different people looking at each other or one person looking at an object or event happening, the shots are then edited into a sequence so signify this.
The 180 degree rule is that in order to film shot/reverse shot to work properly both cameras must be on the same side of an imaginary 180 degree line, without it both of the people, or the person and the object etc would look like they were in the same position.
There are other examples of match on action, shot/reverse shot and the 180 degree rule also used through out the film swede.

If we had tried to recreat 'Harry Potter' more accurately we would have faced these problems
  • Settings would be limited, therefore scenes such as; Diagon Alley, the train and boats as the characters arrive at hogwarts, hogwarts castle, the quiddich match and the obstacles on the way to finding the philosipherstone such as the giant chess board.
  • Costumes and props would lack verisimilitude due to lack of budget.
  • CGI and SFX would be needed to realisticly portray magic and we wouldn't have access to it.

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