Monday, 8 February 2010

My initial pitch

My idea for a film plot begins with a group of six teenagers, three boys and three girls going on a camping trip.

The opening would begin with the group in a car, and they would pull into the car park so i would have establishing shots of the location and then pan to the car and track it as it pulls in to thee car park. The plot is that there would be a psychotic character parked in the carpark and he would watch the group set up to go camping. I would film this by having long shots of the group to signify that they're being watched. 

Next i would include medium shots of the group as they organise themselves and set up their camp, i would cut to more long shots which i would film with a hand held camera and shoot through trees to further signify that they're being watched.

Then one of the girls would set off to collect some wood for a fire, and not return. I would set this scene just as it was getting dark, and use more long shots through the trees of her walking away from the group. I would then get a medium shot of her bending down to pick some wood up and have him looming over her with a knife in his hand and then have the screen fade to black with an audio bridge of her screaming.

The rest of the story would be that, the group wouldn't notice that she hadn't come back for some time, then a couple would leave the group for sexual activity and stumble across her body lying in a ditch covered in blood. They would then return to the group and raise the alarm.

Some of the group would then go and retrieve her body whilst the others packed up camp and try to call the police only to find that there is no signal. Once the others come back with the body they would all set off back to the car park to get away from the woods, however the car wouldn't be where they left it.

Two of the male characters would then go try to find the car whilst the other boy stays in the carpark with the two remaining girls.

At this point it would be getting dark and the two boys would end up seperating, one gets killed by the psychopath, while the other returns to the carpark. The girlfriend of the missing boy would then try to find him and ends up falling down a ditch and spraining her ankle.

Then the other three would decide to set off walking and whilst walking they would hear the girl calling for help, one of the boys would run to save her but the psychopath would be hiding around a corner and kill them both.

Then there would only be two people left, a boy and a girl. As they continue to walk they would spot a car in the distance parked up with headlights. They would head towards it calling for help only to realise that it's their car and it's empty. They would get in and drive off.

Half way down the hill the psycho would be stood in the middle off the road brandishing a large knife, they would speed up and run him over, and then try to stop and get out to see if he's ok, but the psycho would have cut the breaks and the two characters would crash. Then in typical style of horror films the final girl would become concious in the morning and be the only person who survived.

My idea is the one my group have decided to go with, therefore we may need to improve on this.

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