Monday, 15 February 2010

Initial ideas for film openings

My first 3 ideas for film openings are:

My first idea is that 3 teenage girls are driving at night when their car runs out of petrol, so they would pull into a service station, whilst they were in the store a man would go out and drain the petrol tank without their knowledge so they wouldn't be able to drive much further. When they approach the camera in a shot reverse shot  sequence, i would pan out so behind the counter would be visable, and reveal a body covered in blood laid there.

Following this opening, the men from the petrol station would follow them and when they ran out of petrol again and have to pull over and discuss whats going on, the men would then follow them, rape them and kill them. One would be left alive in typical horror style.

My second idea involves a group of teenagers, they would go camping on some moors. When they arrive at the car park there would be another car parked up and i would include shots of the man in the car to show that he is watching them. Then whilst the group were setting up camp i would have some shakey camera work watching them through trees and this would signifiy that they were being watched, and the preffered reading would be that it was the man in the car. One girl would go off to collect wood for a fire and the man would follow her.

Following this opening, the man would catch her and kill her, then other people in the group would discover her body and they would try and leave but their car would be gone and each of the group would subsiquently be killed off by the man following them, however one of the girls would remain alive in the end.

My third idea would be set on a train, a group of teens would get on ready to go for a night out and all sit down in one carriage, then one of the boys who had drank alot of beer would get up to use the toilet and as he is walking down the train her spots and girl sprawled out on the floor, he goes over to check if she ok and realises she is dead. He would look around and spot two more dead bodies and run back to the group. None of them would believe him until one follows him to where he said the bodies were but then they would be gone. He would tell them that he doesn't want to be on this train anymore and that he wants to go home so at the next stop would try to get off but all the doors would be disenabled.

Following this opening, the group would each be killed off by the people on the train.

The idea i will go with for my pitch is the second, I chose this because;

  • there is availability for representation of the social groups of teenagers, such as alcohol and drug use as well as sex references and strong language used
  • It allows us to input characters, stereotypical of horror genre such as the 'scream queen' and the 'virgin' who survives
  • the cast would be easily available to us as we could use other 6th form students
  • locations would also be easy as we could use the moor and the carpark opposite the cow and calf
  • the problems we face with this are, that in order to achieve verisimilitude we will need to get people who can drive up to the moors, camping equpiment and alcohol/fake drugs
  • we will need to compose some music for the scene where the psycho is stalking the young girl, also we will need to play a clip of music on repeat in order to avoid breaking copyright laws
For the first idea we would need to have found a petrol station, in a remote location, willing to let us film, and for the third we wouldv'e needed an empty train, both of which may not be easy to get hold of.

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