Monday, 8 February 2010

Microdrama & Narrative Theory

Todorov's narrative theory states that most stories begin with equilibrium, something then disrupts this to create dis-equilibrium, and then that is resolved to finish with a new equilibrium.

Vladimir Propp's narrative theory states that 8 stereotypical character types in most stories, they are;
    • The Hero
    • The Villain(s)
    • The Dispatcher

    • The Helper
    • The Donor
    • The Princess

  • Her Father
  • The False-Hero
The plot of our microdrama was, that there was a villain with a teleporting watch who kidnaps the princess and injures the false hero. The hero and the helper find the false hero and take her back to the dispatcher who tells them all that they need to go defeat the villain, take back the princess and destroy the watch. We didn't have the father character as there was only 6 people in our group. The donor which can also be a magical object was the watch itself. When the hero returns the false hero tries to take credit for saving the princess and destroying the watch but the helper proves the who was the real hero, and the princess rewards the hero with money.

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