Monday, 6 December 2010

Evaluation - Who would be the audience for your media product and why?

The horror genre appeals to young audiences aged 15-24, this is because youth audiences typically enjoy the atmosphere created by tension and fear as well as watching graphic violence, more so than the older audience.

Also an older audience will typically prefer a more complex and sophisticated plot lines to a film than the horror, and especially slasher genre, provides. They may instead prefer psychological thrillers which are more cleverly written and are less predictable.

Another reason why our product will appeal to younger audiences is because our cast are all aged 17 which means it is unlikely to appeal to audienes much older than they are. 

Because of the violence violence within the film opening means the film would be rated 15. Teenagers younger than 15 will still typically find the horror genre appealing, this is because they aim to act like their older peers.

Male audiences would also enjoy our product because of the 'Scream Queen' we cast. She is blonde, attractive and wears a 'low-cut' top, it is also signified that she is sexually active, and all this applies to the male gaze theory, drawing in male audiences. For example, films such as 'Sorority Row' have cast an almost entire female cast, and all are attractive and wear revealing outfits, in that way we have used existing products and copied them to attract similar

Our film is set in Yorkshire and our cast are all from Yorkshire, which means we do not have any cross-over appeal to the US and even other parts of the world such as Australia. In order to achieve cross-over appeal we would of had to set our film in a well known UK location, and/or used a famous actor or actress to achieve successful advertisements which would attract the attention of world wide audiences. The most likely audience for a film like ours will be British, similar audeinces to films such as 'This is England' and 'Dead Man's Shoes' which like ours are set in northern locations and have not cast very famous actors/actresses.

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