Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Evaluation - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Throughout this project my knowledge of computer programmes such as 'Garageband', 'LiveType' 'iMovie' and 'IDvD' have all improved. 
'LiveType' was used to create our company idents and also 'The Moors' title screen which comes at the end of our opening. 
'Garageband' was used to produce a soundtrack which is used frequently at different points throughout the film opening
'iMovie' was used to burn our product onto discs and give them title screens.

At the start of the project I have knowledge from editing the preliminary task, therefore I was able to roughly edit clips together using 'iMovie' to produce film.
However I had no knowledge of how to work on the sound, or edit the clips, Throughout the course of creating our final product I gained this is knowledge, and this improved our final piece and made it look more professional. 

An example of how I edited the clips is the change of the contrast on the killing scene to accentuate the blue colour filter from the camera, this helps to make the scene look darker and also fits with the stereotypical horror film production. 

An example of how I edited sound is the extraction of the audio from certain clips, such as footsteps which I then repeated and changing the volume to make the actress sound further away.

As well as my knowledge of computer programme technology, I have improved my knowledge of camera equipment use. Previously I only knew how to use a camera and tripod, whereas now I'm able to alter camera setting such as adjust the focus. Other camera equipment we learnt how to use a was the boom mike, which allowed us to achieve a higher quality of sound in our final product. Whilst shooting our earliest footage we realised that the sound quality was poor, especially seen as our location was very windy. We resolved this problem by using the boom mike and now our audio sounds more professional.

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