Thursday, 25 November 2010

Evaluation - What media institution might distribute your media product and why?

As our media product is very low budget we would look at production companies who works with low budget film production companies. Throughout our AS year we have studied the production company Warp Films. They have produced several low budget digitally produced films such as 'Dead Man's Shoes' and 'This is England'. Just like ours, these are set in northern locations, because of this their work is usually within the social realist genre. This genre is growing more popular with British audiences but this also means the films have less cross over appeal as foreign audiences tend to only be able to associate England set in the capital city London.

As well as the similar locations these films were also produced with a very small budget, figures from IMBD show that 'This is England' was produced for just £1.5 million. Though this is far more than our film budget; consisting of a few pounds which we spent on tapes and props, £1.5 million is still far smaller than Hollywood blockbuster horrors such as the recent 2010 remake of 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' produced for $35 million.

Warp X themselves have produced a slasher film 'Donkey Punch' which was filmed in Majorca, Spain then the set moves to a boat, although it isn't set in the same typical northern England location, there are cast member, such as, Nichola Burley who is from Leeds. Their budget was around £1 million which also makes the film a low budget production. Due to a lack of famous cast, they were able to produce the film so cheaply, despite the role of Kim played by Jamie Winestone who has since 2008 grown in popularity.

Warp Films distribute their films with the company Optimum Releasing, They are a company based in France, and are owned by a larger conglomerate distribution company, Studio Canal. Despite this Optimum Releasing have been responsible for distributing some very successful Hollywood films, one of the most recent being 'The Tourist' starring Jonny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Though mostly their repertoire features low budget production; many by Warp Films. 

Optimum Releasing would be the kind of Film distribution company that would distribute our media product if it was a full feature length film, as our horror film isn't dissimilar to those produced by Warp Films and WarpX. Our product is a digitally made film, it is very low budget, it features northern characters set in northern England and is a social realist film. All of this means our film, just like theirs will lack cross-over appeal, therefore Optimum Releasing would target British audiences only. It also means our product would be unlikely to achieve a box office release, just as many Warp Film productions are released straight to DVD as the promotion of the films cost substantially more than the production and would be likely to lead to a loss in profit overall.


  1. Give more detail on the money involved: how does the marketing/prints budget that a distributor is responsible for typically compare to the budget? What box office did those movies you cite achieve, and what was their specific budget? What distributors are associated with horror (think about US and both high and low budget too) - bit more research in essence

  2. You're citing Warp X ... didn't they produce a Brit slasher-at-sea?! Rather important detail!