Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Evaluation - 'In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?'

Our media product conforms to the codes and conventions of the horror genre because, we input a lot of the stereotypical horror and slasher characters, locations/settings, props, music and story-lines into our plot. 

We cast a 'final girl' who has short blonde hair, despite this being a slight counter-type as it is usually blondes cast for 'scream queen' roles, the short length of her hair would liken her more to a boy than a female which signifies a lack of glamour in her appearance, it also helps avoid her appealing to the male gaze. She is also dressed conservatively which signifies she isn't sexually active.
We could compare our 'final girl' to Laurie Strodes character in 'Halloween'

We cast a 'scream queen' who is killed off in our opening, she matches the stereotypical image of a 'scream queen' as she has long blonde hair, and she is wearing some revealing and tight fitting clothing, this is seen in existing media products such as the opening scene of my bloody valentine it is also signified that she is sexually active, and also, unlike the 'final girl' she is drinking, which all adds to image of somebody who lacks morals and therefore is one of the first to die. As well as her visual image; as the title 'scream queen' would suggest, the girl we cast was made to scream a lot during her murder scene. 

We cast our 'scream queen' a 'Jock' type boyfriend, he is portrayed as a rebellious character by smoking, drinking and being sexually active. This would match the conventions of existing media texts such as the film,'Scream' and 'Sorority Row'.

There is also a psychotic character stalking and killing the characters which is stereotypical of the narrative in most slasher movies, for example 'Friday the 13th'. Also in keeping with the conventions of existing media texts our killer has similar motives for killing the people he does; for being sinful and immoral.

We have composed some music for our film which fits in with the horror genre, using the method of interfering with the heartbeat. This is an effective method of creating tension and a 'jumpy' atmosphere amongst an audience and is therefore an aspect of every horror film ever made, without it a scene would be bland and the audience would not be able to take the same enjoyment out the film.
We have set our product in a desolate location, which is the moors. This signifies horror as a location out in the wilderness such as a moor, or a wood/ forest or deserted lane is very commonly seen in horror films. It can be seen in the classic horror films such as 'Friday the 13th' and the more modern films such as 'Severance'.

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