Sunday, 9 May 2010

Distributor, budget + exhibiton

Warp Films and WarpX are low budget, digital film production companies, and have released horror slasher films such as 'Donkey Punch' and 'Dead Man's Shoes'. They distribute their films with Optimum Releasing.
As our film is a low budget, digital production set in the north of England, Optimum Releasing would be suitable.
A typical film of the horror genre is low budget, around $1,000,000
1983's 'Sleepaway Camp' was a low budget slasher of its time with a minimalistic budget of just $350,000
More recent low budget slasher productions such as 'Donkey Punch' had a budget of $1,000,000
Besides the cost of tapes and dvd discs our production was entriely free as we borrowed equipment, such as the boom mike and the tent. We made the blood ourselves, and characters dressed in their own clothes. The location was entirely free as was transport to and from. If we were to produce the entire film the budget would still be incredibly minimalistic as we would probably continue to borrow what we needed for free, or create our own, eg. fake blood.

Films such as this often have a very short running time if they make it box office. for example, 'Sleepaway Camp' was on 85 screens for the opening weekend only.
It is likely our film would be a straight-to-DVD film exhibition. It is also unlikley it would ever be released on DVD outside of the UK as there is no cross-over appeal to US audiences within our film.

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