Thursday, 22 April 2010

Target audience

AGE: Our target audience will predominately be teenagers and younger adults, the age range 15 - 24 is the most likely. This is because our cast are in the middle of this age range, all aged between 17 and 18. 
Also within our dialogue we have used slang, a younger audience is much more likely to follow the preferred reading of this whereas an older audience may only follow a negotiated reading.
Aiming our film toward this age range would likely bring more profit than targeting an older audience, as the younger generation are interested in the conventional horror/slasher genre, whereas older audiences find more sophisticated plot lines appealing.

ETHNICITY: Within our film we have no characters who aren't of a caucasian British nationality, though it wasn't our specific choice not to cast anyone of a different nationality. It might have been better to cast somebody who wasn't white caucasian, in order to widen the audience appeal of our film, although in general an all white cast doesn't seem to affect an films appeal to wider audiences. 
Many successful horror films have all white casts, such as;

GENDER: Our film will most likely appeal to both male and female audiences, this is because we have a 'Scream Queen', we can apply the male-gaze theory to this and predict that male audiences will enjoy watching 'her'. We also have the stereotypical, 'Final Girl' which would appeal to female audiences, as the role model of a strong woman. Also within our plot there is gore and humour, which will appeal to both genders. 

NATIONALITY/REGION: As our film is a low budget production, this factor is less important to the target audience appeal, many WarpX films which are renowned for their low budget appeal have been either set in the north or used characters with northern accents within their films, some examples of  northern characters being used within horror movies are:

FANS OF: We got an insight into the types of films which are similar to our initial film idea whilst doing our research, we compilled a list of films to watch for inspiration. A film such as scream which has a comedy aspect, alongside an all teenage cast is likely to attract a similar audience as what we are aiming towards, also films such as, 'Sleepaway Camp' and 'Shrooms' because these are set in camping locations.

TYPICAL AUDIENCES FOR THIS GENRE: Horror films appeal to youth and mostly male audiences, this is because the gore and stereotypical storylines and characters appeal to them more than older audiences.
Women are put off by the horror films genre because of their portrayal within the films, characters such as the 'scream queen' being brutally murdered by males punishing them for being sexually active.

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