Sunday, 9 May 2010


We created our own soundtrack on Garageband, this means it is copyright free.
The opening scene and the title screen use the same extract of music, we composed it in the hope of creating a tense atmosphere. 

The music we composed for the kill scene is different but also aims to create a tense atmosphere by affecting somebodies heartbeat.

There is also a small extract of music which plays to signify that somebody is watching them.

If we made our whole film we would re-use the same piece of music for each kill scene, to signify to the audience another character is about to die. This is used in may horror films such as 'Halloween' 'Friday the 13th' and 'Sleepaway Camp'.
Again we would re-use the small extract for every scene which is a p.o.v shot from the killers pespective, the prefered reading would be that each of these shots is where the killer is watching the camp.

We used a boom mike whilst filming during the camping scene so our audio for the dialogue is high quality, this meant we didn't have to gather our cast and re-record audio for the scenes. However one negative point is that this picked up the sound of the rain despite how we attempted to hide that whilst filming.

For the killing scene however we only had camera audio, so we used the voice recorder to re-record our character screaming, and extracted all the rest of the audio.
For the sound effect of the scream queen being stabbed Emmie recorded the sound of a melon being stabbed, a method used by Alfred Hitchcock in 'Psycho'. This is the vodcast of her doing this recording.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

I also input some sounds from 'iMovie' itself, such as the birds chirping in the background. I put this in because otherwise it was silent and this helped achieve verisimiltude as the film opening is set outdoors. Also whilst our scream queen is being followed i input some footsteps, because of the background noise I'd had to remove audio and again if i had not it would have been silent which wouldn't be realistic because it was so quiet you wouls hear her steps. Unfortunately i couldn't find anything to put it when she drops the beer, but it isn't exceptionally noticeable.

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