Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Props, mise-en-scene, SFX, costume etc

As we are filming teens going on a camping trip, to achieve verisimilitude we will need 1 or possibly 2 tents.
We hope to film the characters arriving, so therefore we need a car.

We will need some alcohol bottles, to signify that the characters are drinking, we may also use some drug substitutes so signify that they're taking drugs also.
This ties in to issues of representation of teenagers, although it will be very believable to our audience as they would be of a similar age to the cast.

We want our final girl to dress modestly, hopefully jeans,
T-shirt and a cardigan/hooded top. This will portray that she isn't sexually acitve like her friends.

Our 'scream queen' and the other female character will wear low cut tops and skirts, to signify that they are sexually active, as more of their bodies will be on show.

The boys will all wear jeans and a hooded top, which will match a stereotypical view of the youth group we are using for our cast.

All of the characters will need to wear wellies because of the conditions at our location, but this will achieve verisimiltude as it is fairly common to wear that kind of outdoor footwear to go camping.

They will also all need bags with them to signify they're staying overnight and have brought food and a change of clothes etc.

As we are setting our film outdoors, we are less able to input mise-en-scene which could work as intertextual references, if we want to suggest to the audience any link between our horror film and other existing horror films it would need to be done through dialogue.

We may use props such as, a magazine, a camera, a mobile or gameboy as these will help to anchor the age of the cast and acheive verisimilitude.

For the death scene, we need our killer to be dressed all in black, or an equally dark colour such as navy, dark grey or dark brown. He will also disguise his face with a balaclava.

Another prop we will need for the killer is a weapon, we have chosen to use a kitchen knife as this is something that would be easily available to a killer, and to us.
For special effects we will need some fake blood. We found a recipe on the internet to make our own realistic blood. 

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