Monday, 1 March 2010

Revised narrative outline

We went with my pitch, therefore we are filming the opening of the film in which a group of teens go camping.
Most of what i wrote in my original pitch will be filmed in the same way, the plotline remains the same, howeve since doing our research there are certains aspects we have decided to input and some we have removed.

We have altered the my idea from having any actual shots of the killer to just having point of view shots to signify the group is being watched. This will help to achieve narrative enigma which increases the tense atmosphere of the film opening.

We also altered my idea of not showing her being killed and just showing her being followed to actually putting that in in because, as it is a slasher movie they don't typically tend to avoid a killing with in the opening self contained narrative sequence, todays teen audiences crave more blood and gore.

We hope to do it in a similar style to this killing in 'Friday the 13th'. We like how the killer is framed so the action of the knife slashing the girl is seen from behind. This would be an easy way to achieve verisimilitude, and the audience would believe she is actually being killed.

Another idea we gained from a killing in Halloween, is to have the blood splatter across an object close-by, this achieves gore without having to show the actual knife penetrating the female. We would have to use blood splattering on a tree instead as thats more appropriate for our setting.

We also liked the idea of having the killer wiping blood from the knife and walking away from the scene leaving the body lying there, we saw this in Scream. At this point we would do a close-up of the body and fade to black and the titles will come in at this point.

We have decided to signify our 'final girl' to the audience as the one who will survive, by adding some narrative in which she turns down an offer of alcohol or drugs, or both. Many people who have seen horror movies before will pick up on this preffered reading, as it is such a stereotypical character.

We have decided to signify our scream queen by filming her emerging from behind a tree or bush putting clothing back on to signify that she has just had sex. We have put this in because the codes and conventions of horror often have the females who are sexually active killed of first. 

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