Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sweding Task

Sweding: This is a term which comes from the film 'Be Kind Rewind' where the workers at a video store re-make the films in the store themselves. Sweding a film involves re-making it with whatever you can get your hands on.

5 films to potentially swede the opening of:
My top idea is Kill Bill: This film begins with Uma Thermans character laid on the floor after being beaten up on her wedding day, this could be filmed in a comical way if Uma's character was played by a male in a wedding dress with his face covered in ketchup.
The following scene begins in her pulling up outside a house in 'the pussy wagon' we could take an average car and stick a banner with the words 'pussy wagon' on the side.
The next scene is of Uma'c character begining a karate style fight with another woman, a black female. If we acted this out it would be amusing because our karate would be amature, in a similar style to the fighting scene between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in 'Bridget Jones' Diary'. This section is also accompanied by a clip of music which is associated with the film, we could put this is in but have somebody singing it instead of just laying the actual track over the top. Also the black females character could be acentuated and act in an over the top 'black' stereotypical persona.
Whilst fighting the two characters begin to use regular household objects from the kitchen as weapons, we could use obscure objects which would do little damage such as wooden spoons, cushions or paper plates etc. There is also a scene where the black female fires a gun through a packet of cereal, we could film this with a toy gun, and make the sound effects ourselves which could be amusing.
Midway throught the fight scene a child walks in through the door, this could be played either by a child or by one of us dressed as a child, either would have comical value.

The final shot could be filmed using an example of match on action, where Uma's character throws the knife and the following shot, the knife is stuck in the black female character's chest. Again we could use ketchup for blood, and the character could die overly dramaticly.

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